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  2. B747driver

    A340-500 available for ACMI

    If you interested in A340-600 send me a private message
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  4. Jetliner

    A340-500 available for ACMI

    Hi, yes it is available
  5. avmanku

    A340-500 available for ACMI

    Please advise if this A340-500 aircraft is available for immediate ACMI operation South America 350-400 BH per month. [email protected]
  6. B747driver

    A340-600 Fuel burn

    Hi, anyone knows what is the A340-600 fuel burn?
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    THE PREMIER BUSINESS AVIATION EVENT IN EUROPE European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (Ebace2018)
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    Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (Abace2018)
  9. A340-500 available for ACMI from May 2018 interested parties please send me an message
  10. admin

    Welcome to Jet Form

    Welcome to Jet Forum! The Jet Forum team would like to welcome you to our new image and improved name and image we use to be called Jet Forum for years and now we are evolving and we are excited and very happy about it.
  11. admin


    Welcome to the new Jet Zone
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