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    -Delivered Fresh from C check -All CPCP, Hard Times, AD's and SB's cleared for the next 12 months. -Delivered on Boeing MPD MSG 3 Maintenance program -CFM56-C1 engines with 3,000 cycles minimum at delivery (engine serial numbers may change) -Landing Gears good for min 5 years -Lopa configured to your request -Painted to your required color scheme and logo (please provide livery) -EFIS, TCAS, RVSM, EGPWS -Avionics upgrade "Heads Up Display" -Both A/C has lap joint mod accomplished and fuel tank mod accomplished -A/C airframe is certified by Boeing up to 85,000 flight cycles. -EST. Delivery Time- 60 - 75 days upon contracts signed, funds received and induction into MRO maintenance facility for "C" check -We will provide Export C of A with FAA DAR -Delivered according to your CAA requirements -Aircraft Location USA Nick@AeroACQ.com
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